Sl.No. Date Name Download
1. 10.07.13 Participation of Chief Executive Other Employees in Co-operative Elections
2. 12.07.13 Conducting of General Elections - issue of notification by the DEO
3. 26.07.13 Conducting of Elections discharging of duties as per the provisions of Law
4. 26.07.13 Pre arrangements for Co-operative Elections
5. 05.08.13 Conducting of Elections- Guidelines toReturning Officers
6. 12.08.13 Allotment of Election Symbols
7. 14.08.13 Disposal of election related documents & papers
8. 14.08.13 Conducting of Elections- Application of Indeliable Ink
9. 27.08.13 Co-op Election - Offences and Penalties
10. 05.09.13 Elections to the Secondary and Federal Societies- Regarding Representation of Members
11. 27.09.13 Regarding Conducting of Office Bearers Election
12. 11.11.13 Conducting of Board and Office Bearers Election- Procedures to be followed by the Board/CEO
13. 12.12.13 Regarding sending of representatives to federal societies and manner of voting
14. 29.01.14 Reservation for SC-ST-BCs- Issuing of Caste Cerificate by the Competant Authority
15. 21.02.14 Clarification Regarding Assumption of Office for Newly Elected Board
16. 07.03.14 Regarding Conducting of Elections to Secondary, Federal and Apex Societies, with Background of Announcement of Loksabha Election Dates
17. 13.03.14 Regarding Sending of Delatage to Secondary and federal Socieity Election- Appointment of Nodal Officer
18. 18.03.14 Regarding Fixing of Remuneration for Police Protection During Conduct of Elections to Co-operative Socieites
19. 27.05.14 Appointment of Government Advocates- Regarding filing of Election Disputes in Junior Grade Civil Courts
20. 30.05.14 Regarding Francising of Vote from the Delegate in Federl Society Election
21. 31.05.14 Regrding conducting of Office Bearers election to Federal Societies
22. 31.05.14 Regarding submission of information relating to General Elections to the Cooperative Societes,Cooperatives - Rule 13D(1)
23. 30.06.14 Regarding Conducting of Office Bearers Elections
24. 17.12.14 Regarding Election Dates for Due During 1st Week March
25. 31.01.15 Regarding Postponment of Elections Cooperative Societies with refrence to 30B Directions and Government Order
26. 28.05.15 Regarding Allotment of Election Symbol
27. 12.06.15 Circular Regarding Revision of Voters List
28. 14.12.15 Circular Regarding Preperation of Voters List and submission of Checklist
29. 22.02.16 Circular Regarding Election Expenditure
30. 17.03.16 Circular regarding Randomization, Notification of dates and prior approval of Coperative Election Authority
31. 01.06.16 Circular regarding Usage of EVMs for Conduction Elections to Cooperative Societies and Souharda Sahakaris
32. 05.02.19 Circular regarding Clarification issue of Hon'ble High Court