Powers and duties of Authority
(Various provisions of KCS Act,1959 and KCS Rules,1960)

  • Section 39A(1):- Every general election of the members of the board and election of the office-bearers of a Co-operative society including any casual vacancy to the extent applicable shall be held subject to the superintendence, direction and control of the Co-operative Election Commission.
  • Section 39AA(2):- The Co-operative election commission shall be vested with the superintendence, direction and control of the preparation of the electoral rolls for, and the conduct of, all elections to the Co-operative Societies in the State.
  • Proviso to Section 39A(2):- Co-operative election commission may start the preparatory work for the preparation of the electoral rolls for and the conduct of the elections during the last six months prior to the expiry of the term of office of the board of a Co-operative society.
  • Rule 13C(2):- The District Election Officer along with the officers and employees of the Government deputed to assist the Co-operative Election Commission shall be deemed to be on deputation to the Co-operative Election Commission from the date of the announcement of the calendar of events of election by the commission until the completion of the process of election and the declaration of the results thereon.
  • Rule 13B(1):- The commission is empowered to formulate guidelines for preparation of the electoral rolls and for the conduct of elections of all co-operative Societies co-operatives in the state.
  • Rule 13B(2):- Every Co-operative society shall furnish such documents and information which the Co-operative Election Commission may require from time to time.
  • Rule 13D(2):- The Commission, on receipt of reports from the District Election Officer of the district, containing the list of Co-operative Societies where elections are due, publish the calendar of events for the preparation of electoral rolls and the conduct of elections of the boards of the Co-operative Societies in the district indicating the name and address of each society and the date and place of election. The commission is empowered to appoint returning officer for conducting general and office bearers elections.
  • Rule13D (3):- The Co-operative Election Commission shall take steps,-
    • for publication of draft eligible electoral list, a list of defaulters, a list of members whose repayments will fall due before the date fixed for publication of final electoral roll at least forty five days before the date of general election calling for objections, if any, and calling upon the defaulter members to repay the amounts due to the Co-operative Societies at least fifteen days before the date of general election.
    • for publication of final eligible voters list on or before fifteen clear days prior to the date of election. Provided that the draft list of eligible members and delegates with right to vote, the list of defaulters and the list of other members and delegates who are not eligible to vote as also the final list of electoral rolls and the election calendar shall be announced on the notice board of the concerned Co-operative Society and its branches, if any, the local office of the department of co-operation, website if any of the co-operative society and such other prominent places having access to the members and delegates of the co-operative society.
  • Rule13D(6):- The Co-operative Election Commission of the cooperative society shall call upon the chief executive of the co-operative society to obtain from the member society, the name of an authorized member of the board of such society as a delegate, together with the resolution of the board of the said society and the specimen signature along with photograph of the delegate duly attested and bearing the seal of the society and furnish all such information under sub-rule(5).